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Thalia Hayden

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With 20 years in television news, Thalia Hayden is a veteran journalist on a mission to help Americans get healthy. She’s an NBC News Anchor & Health Reporter in Palm Springs, CA, building her network through interviews and fundraisers.

“Principle of Self-Care”

Love Yourself Fully and Fearlessly

Fun facts about Thalia

Thalia’s first book titled, “Local Celeb” is a memoir about her life and experience in news media with anticipated publication in 2021.

She’s an advanced Yogi (she can still do handstands and backbends.)

She ran a marathon in 2010 with a time of 4:20.


“Thalia helped me get through my divorce and problem solve co-parenting issues with my ex-wife in a smooth and peaceful way. She helped me communicate effectively with my children during the transition. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her!”

Coaching Client of Thalia

Abby Moore

Mother of 3